Bank Transfer User Guide

1. Select “Top Up (Bank Transfer)”

Winbox Bank Transfer 1

2. Select the bank you want to Transfer.

Winbox Bank Transfer step 2

3. Key in the Top Up Amount.

Winbox Bank Transfer Step 3

4. Transfer the balance to the corresponding bank account and keep the receipt for the next step.

Winbox Bank Transfer Step 4

5. Click on the blank column to upload your receipt.

Winbox Bank Transfer Step 5

6. Wait for approval.

Winbox Bank Transfer Step 6

Instant Transfer User Guide

1. Select”Instant Top Up”.

Winbox Instant Top Up Step 1

2. Select your bank.

Winbox Instant Top Up Step 2

3. Insert the top up amount.

Winbox Instant Top Up 3

4. Insert your bank account id and password.

Winbox Instant Top Up

5. Once received the OTP sent by bank, key in.

Winbox Instant Top Up 5

6. Reload successfully.

Winbox Instant Top Up Step 6